Beyond the Hype:  The Real Opportunities in Private Wealth

21.03.19 LDN

UK Private Banking and Wealth Management insight and expertise from top industry executives and Synpulse

Our Senior Executives Forum is an industry opportunity to share views and opinions on trending challenges in the industry.

The next edition in the series will focus on the exploding trend of Blockchain.

The Senior Executives Forum is a  by-invitation-only event.

Date: Thursday, 21st March 2019    Venue: Barber-Surgeons’ Hall London EC2Y 5BL


17:30 Registration and refreshments

18:00 Introduction to the Forum

18:05 Discussion Panel #1: Industry Experts

  • Dora Matheidesz, Senior Innovation Manager for Blockchain (HSBC)

  • Robert Cohen, Head of Principal Investment (NKB)

  • Sean Kiernan, Chief Executive (DAG Global)

18:35 Charity address

  • Rehan Quraishi, Operations Director (Aquiva Foundation) 

18:45 Discussion Panel #2: FinTechs

  • Francesco Roda, Chief Risk Officer (Koine)

  • Hugh Morris, Commercial Director (Z/Yen)

  • Silvan Mifsud, Director (EMCS)


19:15 Closing remarks

19:30 Drinks and buffet dinner


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The Real Opportunity in Private Wealth

Q:  Blockchain? Wasn’t that about Bitcoin and dubious cryptocurrency scams? Is it relevant for professional and reputable bankers and wealth managers?

A:  Distributed Ledgers technologies like Blockchain do enable cryptocurrencies, but are by far not limited to that. Many other applications are already in use and will be shared at our SEF6 event, where you can learn from reputable experts and practitioners.

Q:  We are hearing that the whole Blockchain sector is becoming more regulated - how does that impact technology advancements and adoption in the industry?

A: Regulation helps to define obligations and reduces earlier risks that were keeping institutions reluctant to enter the space. Adoption is rapidly increasing, and technologies proliferate largely thanks to the better regulated and structured environment.


Barber-Surgeons’ Hall, Monkwell Square, Wood St, London, EC2Y 5BL 

A Unique Experience in a Historic Location 

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The Event

The Senior Executives Forum is a platform that brings together decision-makers and subject experts – to share views opinions, and insights on trending topics in the sector. Acting as a bridge between these parties, Synpulse facilitates a cross-flow of ideas and information for the benefit of all participants.


Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and Blockchain as a most prominent example are reaching critical maturity, with use cases and applications in many sectors, from commerce to the public sector. Interest in Financial Services, cooled by the Cryptocurrency bubble of 2016-2018, is now returning to healthy evaluations and deployments. With many Private Wealth players already trailing and benefiting from Blockchain deployments, it is time to address the topic widely with leaders from all parts of the industry.

At the Senior Executives Forum's Sixth Edition, in the traditional format of two panels: one from the operating institutions and one from the vendors and experts, we will debate:

  • The evolution of Blockchain technology and associated ecosystem of solutions and players

  • The variety of use cases and practical Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) applications in Private Wealth

  • The risks and challenges to consider when planning and adopting the solutions

  • The realities of cryptocurrencies - a sober view without the hype, but also without undue fears

Industry Insight and Expertise from Business Leaders

The Senior Executives Forum for Private Wealth  Managers is a by invitation-only event and sponsorships cannot be accepted

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