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UK Private Banking and Wealth Management insight and expertise from top industry executives and Synpulse

Our Senior Executives Forum is an industry opportunity to share views and opinions on trending challenges in the industry.

The next edition in the series will focus on the exploding trend of Blockchain.

The Senior Executives Forum is a  by-invitation-only event.

Date: Thursday, 17th October 2019    Venue: Barber-Surgeons’ Hall London EC2Y 5BL



17:30 Registration and refreshments 


18:00 Introduction to the Forum


18:05 Discussion Panel #1 (Private Wealth Managers):

               1. Yasisne Ben Hamida, Vontobel Bank

               2. Jonathan Brierley, Coutts
               3. Ron Boddy, C. Hoare & Co

18:35 Charity address

18:45 Discussion Panel #2 (FinTechs & Industry Experts):

               1. Tobias Haustein, Aixigo
               2. Dirk Arndt, Profect
               3. Alberto Cuccu, Objectway

               4. Aldas Kirvaitis, Metasite



19:15 Closing remarks 


19:30 Drinks and buffet dinner


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Q:  Can we ever improve Customer Experience that’s already fabulous - from concierge services at our lavish office to complimentary private jet flights - our HNW clients have it all?

A:  It’s more than the in-person experience in a bank visit. Clients experience the brand wherever they go, investment products they buy, channels they prefer to communicate on. Beyond conscious rationale, emotions drive much of their behaviour.

Q:  We have implemented a CRM system and now manage all our sales, cross-selling and up-selling. I guess that makes us a customer-centric firm?

A: Technology is only an enabler of customer strategies and operations, and customer-centric information architectures contain more than CRM solutions, for more than just Sales. Analytical insight tools, marketing platforms, digital interaction front-ends all have to operate in harmony together for best results.


Barber-Surgeons’ Hall, Monkwell Square, Wood St, London, EC2Y 5BL 

A Unique Experience in a Historic Location 

Senior Executives Forum




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The Event

The Private Wealth industry has historically excelled in providing superb experiences and building strong relationships. This remains a valuable competency and key differentiator in the sector.


Changing times, however, are adding new success factors and placing new demands for operating institutions to remain relevant, competitive and profitable.

Rapid technology advances, generational changes of attitudes and behavior patterns, coupled with endless regulatory and market pressures nowadays mean that companies need to look at their core business strategies, develop adequate operating models and processes, breed company-wide customer-centric culture, and keep abreast of latest technologies in order to truly place clients at the heart of their business, as the sole finite and indispensable resource for value creation.

Already established as a respected platform for Private Wealth insight, the seventh edition of our Senior Executives Forum will bring together industry leaders and innovative FinTech firms for a healthy debate and original insights.


The Forum will enable guests to hear the challenges and opportunities in taking the customer centricity of their business to a new level. Among topics addressed by the panelists will be:

  1. Understanding customer differences: segmentation beyond Net Worth

  2. Staying relevant: innovating to meet new segment needs

  3. Intelligent technology: far more than CRM as we know it

Industry Insight and Expertise from Business Leaders

The Senior Executives Forum for Private Wealth  Managers is a by invitation-only event and sponsorships cannot be accepted

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