SEF8: The Advancement of Intelligent Automation in UK Wealth Management

24.09.2020 LDN

UK Private Banking and Wealth Management insight and expertise from top industry executives and Synpulse

The Eighth Senior Executives Forum for Private Wealth 

Our Senior Executives Forum is an industry opportunity to share views and opinions on trending challenges in the industry.

The next edition in the series will focus on the exploding trend of Intelligent Automation in Private Wealth.

The Senior Executives Forum is a  by-invitation-only event.

Date: Thursday, 24th September 2020    Venue: Online event, MS Teams link in your invitation


16:00 Welcome and Introductions

16:10 C-Level Discussion Panel, including:

1. Andy Brodie - COO, Rathbones

2. Kevin Barry - Technology Director, Ruffer

3. Andre Burger - Partner, Synpulse

16:45 Audience Questions Answered

16:55 Closing Remarks

The virtual event ends 17:00 BST


For more information on the even or the subject of Intelligent Automation 

The Advancement of Intelligent Automation
Trends and Best Practice in UK Wealth Management

Q:  Is this really new? Didn’t we already discuss robots and AI in previous events?

A: 2-3 years ago the question was ‘Nirvana or Apocalypse?’ – the fear of computers taking our jobs was one of many barriers to adoption, not least among those was the historically conservative attitude of private bankers. Fast-forward to the new decade: barriers have fallen and early adopters are already reaping benefits. Technologies are maturing and rapidly advancing, form simple automation of repetitive processes we are moving into intelligent decisions and capable machines empowering humans for previously impossible performance.

Q:  AI, deep learning and advanced data science are so complex, we struggle to understand them, and then - how they can solve business problems?

A: This is precisely the purpose of our Forum: we bring together business and technology leaders to discuss, inform and facilitate the industry-wide understanding of the innovations we look forward t in the 2020-s. We will hear from practitioners about real-life business problems being addressed by intelligent solutions, and about opportunities for next-level applications of automation in our industry. You will be very welcome to ask our expert panellists specific questions, and sure to get insightful answers.


The Forum's traditional venue: Barber-Surgeons’ Hall, Monkwell Square, Wood St, London, EC2Y 5BL 

A Unique Experience in a Historic Location 

This year posed unprecedented challenges to business and society, with the COVID pandemic making impossible many live meetings and events like our Senior Executives Forum. Caring about everyone's safety, we chose to run this edition as a VIrtual Event online, instead of the splendid venue above. We nonetheless kept the tradition to regularly engage industry leaders on hot topics, and will be back to the much prized format and place as soon as this becomes viable.

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8. The Advancement of Intelligent Automation in UK Wealth Management

Industry Insight and Expertise from Business Leaders

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